Medication info with you anytime, everywhere

All your medication data is linked and safely kept on clound server to access with your personal account by Mobile and Web Application. You can share account log in with your family in case of emergency. It could save your life someday.

Never miss a pill with medication remider

When linked with your hospital prescriptions, PharmaSafe App will provide aotumated medication reminder with drug photo, dosage, full instruction and keep track of your medication usage to guarantee safety and effectiveness.

Drug allergy and interaction warning system

Adverse Drug Reaction warning system in PharmaSafe App is automated smart system to protect you from risk of drug misuses and harmful prescriptions, especially when you are under care of multi hospitals.

Doctor appointment remider with medication record in hand

When linked with your hospital appointment system, PharmaSafe App will remind you doctor appointments with instruction before visit. Medication record in the app will provide your physicians important information they need to give you a better care.

About PharmaSafe

Based in Bangkok, Thailand and established in 2015, PharmaSafe is a health tech company focusing on increasing medication safety with digital solution with creative and innovative approach. Our motto is “be safe with PharmaSafe”

With supported by National Innovation Agency of Thailand under the Ministry of Science and Technology ( and partnered with Filtech Enterprise 1994 Public Company Limited (, we combine innovative vision with solid experience in health care industry as our competitive advantage to drive our business and create value for all stake holders in the process.



Our Solution

PharmaSafe is a personal medication care Mobile/Web application with database management platform that connects with HIS to automatically provide patients personal medication info and care.

A story from the founder

3 years ago my father had a stroke.
At the Hospital Emergency room, in order to give the right treatment, the doctor asked me what medicines my father was taking.

I didn’t know so I called home and it took 20 minutes to have my brother searching all the medicines on the dining table and to spell the names correctly for me.

20 minutes is life and death in this kind of situation.

It hit me hard on that day.
Why can't medication records be shared and kept with the patient 24/7 like their cell phone?

I realized that there should be a better way to know your medications. The next day, I left my previous business and started PharmaSafe. “

Connected Health

PharmaSafe is a platform designed to connect and unify personal medication from any sources of dispensing to provide patients a unified personal record with personalized care via a mobile application.

Advance care system PharmaSafe provides

Personal medication record with you everywhere on mobile and web application.

Drug Identify is easy with photos and leaflet.

Auto or manual medication remider.

Auto adverse drug reaction warning system.

• Fatal Drugs
• Drug Allergy
• Drug-Drug interaction
• Drug Pregnancy Category
• Drug Duplication
• Overdose

Auto doctor appointment alarm with instruction.

Drug allergy and medication record linked with multi hospitals providing you care.

How PharmaSafe helps user increase personal medication safety?

Insufficient drug information could be very harmful. Information such as dosages in different conditions or patients, warnings, dose drug-drug or food-drug interactions, adverse reactions, overdosage, storage suggestion, first aid in case of drug reactions and more. Even though doctors could given detailed instruction, many times, patients could forget and practice medication incorrectly at home.

By providing linked information from any of your medication sources and automate assistant/risk protection system via mobile application, PharmaSafe help you reduce all the factors causing drug misuse and increase effectiveness.

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